Lucid Sleep Paralysis (Or- I Won!)

True terror always seems to lie behind a lamp which wont switch on. Something scary enough for me to want the light on happens before that but I only remember the next parts. When the lamp wont switch on, I know I am not really awake. My body can’t move but my soul reaches out for that switch. Nightmare images swirl around me. Sometimes demons whisper things into my ear or come right up close to my face. There is nothing I can do but wait and hope that when I wake up, I don’t slip back into sleep paralysis.

Last night was different though. Last night I won.

As soon as I reached for my lamp and it didn’t switch on, I knew what was going to happen. “This is how it always starts, you know what is going on so try to change it.”, I told myself. I looked over at my doorway, which had transformed into a doorway to hell and I reminded myself that it wasn’t real. Every time something tried to scare me, I thought of something nice. I started shouting out, “Rainbows! Unicorns! Flowers! Sunshine! Kittens!” and it worked. The scary things started to fade. I fell back into a normal sleep rhythm but I lost the lucidity and went on to dream that I had dyed my hair bright yellow and orange. Too many rainbows and sunshine, I guess!


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