A Really Lame Party

One of my biggest fears about dying is that maybe there wont be many people at my funeral. I know this is a stupid thing to worry about but I don’t want my last occasion to be really lame. I’ve been to four funerals and they were all packed with people who loved the deceased person. Well, I think they were all packed, I can’t remember one of them because I was very young.

From a personal point of view, I wouldn’t mind if only my family attended my funeral but I feel like the amount of people who attend is a direct reflection of how loved a person was and I don’t want society making a judgement over that.

I started making a list but seeing the names of people who know or have known me doesn’t really help. How much time can go by before, “S&S died, I’d better go to her funeral.” becomes “I heard S&S died like a month ago. That’s a pity.” or worse, “S&S died? Who was she again?”

I apologise for the ridiculousness of this post. I’m not in a good head space.




12 thoughts on “A Really Lame Party

  1. Funerals don’t interest me. It seems too late for love. I think you should expect to be loved now.

  2. Have you read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?” It’s a weird coincidence, but I’m reading it right now and there’s a chapter that involves thinking about how people will see you after you die. It has exercises to help lead people in the direction they want to go in life. Maybe you’d like reading it!

  3. “How loved” … that was a strange sentiment. I get this post a lot. I would think of the same thing myself. But I kindof also feel like … how can we measure love? Does it matter if it’s 1 or 10 or 100 that loves you. Maybe the love of a hundreds can still be less than the love of one. I dunno. I’m rambling. This was hard to think about. The best solution though: DON’T DIE! Hah. I miss you. I miss the world.

    • I miss you too but the world, not so much. I mean I don’t miss the world much, not that the world doesn’t miss you!
      I need to stop thinking about my funeral. It really takes the FUN out of funeral. Oooh that’s a terrible joke!

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