Why I Can’t Google My Dreams

My first dream started in my primary school. I was really thirsty but when I drank water, it went into my head instead of my stomach. I felt really ill and I started throwing up kitchen sponges with scourers on one side. Figuring I had been poisoned, I collected over twenty of the sponges and placed them into plastic bags but a man pretending to be a reporter took one of the bags and said he misplaced it.
Still in my primary school, everyone around me was getting really sick. I didn’t care very much because I was already sick from sponges and water. I saw my mother and she said she was going to help the sick people, who were apparently dying from panic attacks. I told her there was no way I would let her do that so I handcuffed her to a ladder and told her that when we had to escape, I would carry the ladder for her.
On the wall of the shed where I handcuffed my mother were lots of tools so I started collecting them as weapons for when the sick people came to get us. I guess it was like a zombie infection or something. Then I found a wrench outside the shed and read an article about how I had beaten someone to death with it but no one had really done anything about it because no one really cared so I hid the wrench behind some tall grass.
Outside my school hall I saw Penny from Desperate Housewives crying for her mother. I told her to stay where she was and I found Lynette.
I woke myself up at around this point. There must have been more of the dream which I can’t recall now. I was screaming, “I don’t care!” over and over again.
Back in dream world, one of my old friends opened a catering company, which he set up within a restaurant. I got really upset when he dedicated it to my best friend and not to me. I tried leaning against him because I was still sick with the sponge thing and he stayed briefly and then walked away. I walked away too and ended up in a hospital waiting for stomach surgery. I remember thinking how great it was because I would be reset in a way, a part of me would be fixed and everything would be fine again. The surgery got postponed though because I was too afraid to take any of the pre-meds. Throwing up sponges was traumatic and I had too much water on my brain.


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