Ha ha ha

More of the antidep to make me chipper, less of the sleeper so I am not so drowsy. The other meds will stay as they are for now.

“Or you could try Reboxetine.” My psychiatrist said.

“I’ve been on that.”

“What was it like, did it help you?”

“I can’t remember.” I really can’t remember anything about it except the name and the fact that I took it at some stage.

“See how you go on the adjusted doses, then maybe you can try Reboxetine again. It helps with motivation. When is your next appointment?”

“This is like a movie.”

“Yes, well the name sounds sort of like…”

“No. Not the Reboxetine. This whole thing. This conversation and the motivation.” I laugh. It is funny but not in a humourous way. Nor is it funny in a peculiar way. It’s not nervous laughter, it’s laughter from exhaustion.


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