A Kind Ghost

I want to be a ghost so I can communicate with people. A bit morbid maybe? I’m surrounded by people, I have numbers in my phone and contacts on the internet but I want to send messages from the beyond.

I was watching a documentary on ghost hunting, as you do when you’re depressed and have no energy to do anything productive. There were no ghosts but there were a couple of mediums with feelings. I wondered how many of their feelings were brought on by the fact that they were in an abandoned hospital at night, “I feel there is a lot of sadness here.” “I sense someone in anguish.” No shit, really? That’s when I started thinking that it would be really cool to be a ghost and to find a way to communicate with people (and to test those who might be bullshitting). I wouldn’t specifically seek out my loved ones except to let them know I was at peace (even if I wasn’t) but I would “talk” to anyone else who wanted to listen.

This is how my brain works now and this is probably the sort of thing I should discuss with my psychiatrist.


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