She reaches across and touches my arm, “How are you?” The words are dragged out and are paired with a sympathetic smile. Why is she touching my arm? She barely knows me. What does she know about me? What are people saying? “I’m okay thanks.” I tell her. “So, things are going well?” Why is she asking me this? “Yeah, things are good, thank you.” Liar.

“You remember, [her daughter] from high school?” I vaguely recall her, she was a couple of years ahead of me and we never spoke. I nod my head. “Well she just got married! I’ll show you some photos!” Why does she think I want to see her photos? I look at the photos and tell her they are lovely.

“For years [her daughter] was single and then all of a sudden this boy showed up and they fell in love.”

Is she hinting at something? I want to tell her that I am fine being single and that I haven’t always been alone. “Oh how sweet.” I reply.

She trails off about how her daughter had known the guy for a while before they dated and I do that thing I do where I stop talking. I look elsewhere and escape from the conversation.


8 thoughts on “

  1. I’m remembering the bad old days of Slide Nights … *ugh*
    This woman did a great job of combining unwanted, intrusive intimacy with pushing almost boastful information onto you. What a winner!

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