Good Guy Gone Wild

Years ago I went to a concert and got a lift home with a friend of a friend. He was driving so he wasn’t drunk or under the influence of anything. I don’t think he even took drugs in those days because he was a good Christian guy. I was happy to run into him at the concert after losing the friend I was there with. When I finally got in contact with my friend, he was on a bus back home so it was fine for me to get a lift.

We dropped off a couple of other people first and then it was just me and the good guy. We chatted about the concert and life in general when suddenly he declared that he would have to go for a naked run through a park. I was drunk and stoned so while the idea seemed odd, I didn’t really take it seriously but he kept going on about “needing to get it out of his system” and perhaps he even suggested I try it, I can’t remember.

We were almost at my home when he pulled over at a little park and declared that this was the place he would run naked. I don’t know what sort of reaction he wanted me to have but I just wanted to get home so I was very casual about the whole thing and told him I would wait in the car.

I assume he wanted me to watch but as soon as I saw that he was actually doing it, I looked away. It was of no interest to me. He ran for about thirty seconds, put his clothes back on and got back into the car. I asked him if he felt better and he said he did.

We never spoke about it again but I told my friends and they thought it was hilarious and fucked up. I don’t know if he was trying to seduce me with his naked nighttime dance through the darkness but it didn’t work. If he really just wanted to go wild, he could have waited until after he had dropped me home. He wasn’t ashamed of what he wanted to do though, he wanted a witness.



3 thoughts on “Good Guy Gone Wild

    • Haha, no, he really wasn’t my type and I didn’t want to see anything! I think you’re right though, he knew I was pretty “crazy” and probably thought it would impress me. He caught me on a dull night, I guess.

      • I wonder how he tells the story now, the wild run through the park with animals chasing him… news cameras around the corner, he just made it out. lol. oh wait… you would be in the story too. 😉

        memories are fun sometimes

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