One day when I was nineteen, I decided I wanted my belly button pierced. This would have been fine had I been in or anywhere near a piercing studio but I was in a psychiatric hospital instead. I acquired a thumbtack from a noticeboard somewhere in the hospital and went back to my room. I […]

  She loves me and that is why she tries to make me hate her. She wants at least some of my hatred to be channeled away from myself. She is so patient. She is testing me because she wants me to admit that I feel the same way. She is keeping her distance as […]

She reaches across and touches my arm, “How are you?” The words are dragged out and are paired with a sympathetic smile. Why is she touching my arm? She barely knows me. What does she know about me? What are people saying? “I’m okay thanks.” I tell her. “So, things are going well?” Why is […]

Friday The 13th

Burnt my neck pretty badly with a hair-straightener- It happens. Spent far too much money- Oops, my own fault. Got lost in a car park and felt like I would have to spend the rest of my days trying to find the exit- Poor design, blame the architect. A mirror fell over in my house […]

Play Scrabble On My Legs

She is still everyone even though I don’t see her anymore. I haven’t officially stopped being her patient, I’ve just stopped seeing and talking to her. I am still in her care but she doesn’t know that I see someone else now. Actually, she’s probably worked it out. I haven’t seen her since February. I […]