Effed Up Sleep

12:17am: I know I probably wasn’t interviewed (the night before) about my sleep paralysis. I know that people didn’t come to my apartment in the middle of the night to talk to me. I know my neighbours probably didn’t give their side of the story. I was grateful to be pulled out of sleep paralysis by the people knocking on my door and so I chatted away in my pyjamas but the whole thing probably never happened. I still kind of believe it happened though. I can’t rule it out definitely.

12:30am: I hear one of my neighbours leave in his car. Who goes anywhere at this time of night? I bet he’s going to get McDonald’s.

12:44am: He’s back! I rush to the spy hole in my door and see him walk past with a bag of something, probably McDonald’s. I am such a creep.

1:00am: The cat is so confused. She thinks it is breakfast time.

1:30am: I get up to take another sleeping pill.

2:05am: Someone is screaming. I hope they’re okay. Maybe they have nightmares too. Maybe they’re being murdered.

3:16am: At what time should I just give up on trying to sleep?

4:00am (or thereabouts): Finally asleep.

10:00am: Wake up feeling like complete crap.


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