It’s because they have nothing else to say to me

People talk to me like I am a child or a senile old lady-


What have you been up to? How have things been? How are you feeling now? How is your [insert whatever hobby they can think of] going? It’s cold isn’t it? Have you been outside today? Have you seen soandso lately? What are you going to do today? What are you having for dinner? It’s a lovely day for a walk, isn’t it?

Oh not much. Nothing, seriously nothing.Things have been okay, thanks. Things are shit, they’re always shit.I’m feeling okay, just taking things one day at a time. I am tired and depressed as fuck but I can’t tell you or anyone else that.Oh, it’s fine, I was working on that the other day. I haven’t done anything in months. No, I haven’t been outside yet, I might go to the shops later. I have no intention of leaving my apartment. No, I haven’t seen soandso in a while, I might contact them soon. I wont contact them. I don’t want to see them. I just want to be alone. I really don’t know what I will do today, I might just have a lazy day. Every day is a fucking lazy day for me.I think I have some chicken in my freezer. I will probably have that with some salad. If I can be bothered I will eat a few vegetables separately and call it a salad or else I might have Vegemite on a cracker. Why are you even asking me this?Yeah, it’s a lovely sunny day! I wouldn’t know, I barely even look out the window these days.


4 thoughts on “It’s because they have nothing else to say to me

  1. Hi, I totally relate to your questions and answer examples there – I do the same and it drives me crazy. The questions piss me off as it is and I’m already annoyed at those. Then comes the answers… Depending on who I am talking to (most people), I will also answer the same as you with those negative crossed out bits not being said too.

    Sometimes it’s better to leave those things out, depending on who you are talking to… But sometimes we need to say it all, as negative and as horrible as it feels to moan and be truthful and upset about your answer…

    Take care.

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