The People We Never See Again

  • The stranger who could see that I was upset one night so she sat with me for hours, even though she had other plans.
  • The guy who helped me get home when I was lost and expected nothing in return.
  • The nurse who took the time to make sure I felt safe enough to sleep and wished me a goodnight.
  • The girls who gave me a voucher for a taxi because I was a crying and drunken mess and they knew that I needed to get out of there.
  • The woman who shared her poetry and vodka cranberries with me.
  • The girl from group who gave me her email address and asked for mine but now it’s been too long for either of us to make contact.
  • The hospital friend who wanted to take over my life.
  • The lady who was concerned when I was sitting alone one night and offered to drive me home because she was a mother. I declined her kind offer.
  • The only counselor I ever really got a lot out of seeing. She moved away and I still miss her.
  • The patient who knew my secrets as well as I knew hers, even though we never even spoke to each other.
  • The girl who saved my life from very far away.
  • Most of the people I used to consider friends.

Who am I to them?


3 thoughts on “The People We Never See Again

  1. To them you are worthwhile. People don’t generally like to waste their time helping someone who isn’t important to them. You have probably blessed them as much as they have blessed you.

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