Get up, you lazy shit. Get out of bed. Stand. Walk. Get something to eat. Shower. Get out of the shower. Get dressed. No, don’t put your pyjamas back on. Put some make up on, it doesn’t matter if you’re not going anywhere, you’ll feel less hideous. Do your hair. What are you doing today? Stop picking at yourself. You’ve been standing in front of the mirror for forty minutes now and your face looks awful. Wash your face. Reapply makeup. What are you going to do now? Stop looking at old photos. You can’t go back. Turn the television on, stop staring at the wall. Water the plants, that’s good mindfulness. Ignore the fact that they’re dying. Stop drawing parallels. Move. Do something. Stand in that corner. Lie down. Walk around. Look at the chaotic mess. Lose time. You’ve wasted another day, you stupid fuck. Go to bed.



8 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Like of sympathy.
    Even when we try to be mindful and hear our inner voice, sometimes it’s unbearably vicious.
    Of course, we’re supposed to question it, but what are we questioning it with? Also our inner voice. <.<
    (It can work of course, but it rather seems like a flaw in how quickly or well the plan works.)

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