Tired And Torn Apart

I’m moving slowly today. From waking up and deciding to get out of bed, it took me about an hour to actually stand up. I kind of have this deal with myself that even if I want to stay in pyjamas and lie around all day, I have to at least get out of bed and attempt to wake up first.

I had an awful nightmare last night. It was sort of a lucid dream because I knew that I was dreaming but I couldn’t control what happened. As a demon bit into my stomach, I remember thinking that surely I wouldn’t feel any pain because it was just a dream. I was wrong. I felt my flesh get torn apart by razor sharp teeth again and again. I could smell blood and guts and I woke up screaming.

Everything is taking so long to do today, I don’t think there will be any day left by the time I decide what to do so it is best to just do nothing.


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