The Wisdom To Know The Difference

It’s a cleaning day today. My bedding is washed and changed. The Bathroom and laundry are clean. My biggest obstacle now is the mountain of clothes I need to sort through. I am a clothing hoarder. When things are okay, my wardrobe and chest of drawers can barely be shut. When things are less okay, most of my clothes don’t make it into any type of storage. I do the old transfer the pile from surfaces onto my bed and then transfer from my bed back onto any available surfaces.

My problem with clothing is two-fold. I don’t like to repeat outfits, so I like to have a wide choice of clothes. I also don’t like to get rid of clothes which still have some use in them. I might not ever wear them out but they could make nice house clothes or exercise clothes…even cleaning clothes!

I need to be ruthless. There is no point in hanging onto that dress which looked nice in the shop but looks terrible on me. There is no point in having multiple items of the same clothing. I desperately need to de-clutter and I need to know the difference between clothes which I actually want to wear (and will wear) and clothing which may have a purpose someday (but probably wont).

As for clothing which holds memories, are the memories that important that I need to keep the clothing? Probably not.

Look out op shops, you’re going to get a big donation of clothing!


3 thoughts on “The Wisdom To Know The Difference

  1. I can totally relate to this 🙂 I do give clothes I don’t need any more to op shops, but … sometimes it’s really hard! They each have a story. Sometimes I just get ruthless and can do a clothes purge. Luckily I rarely buy clothes these days, so haven’t had to do a clothes purge in a while.

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