I Tried

I went to your house but it was gone.

They sold it as soon as you were in the ground

and someone decided to tear it down

but nothing has been built yet,

it’s just a dirt mound.


I tried but the dreams continue. Night after night I am there and something is missing. We’ve forgotten something but it’s not my fault. We were rushed out of there. They didn’t care about the tiny details. They sold almost everything. I saw that photo still in the frame sold on a website. Our photo. Us. Discarded without care.

I’m sure they left some of your belongings there after we were rushed out of the door. I grabbed what I could. We all did. What did we forget? Why do I have to keep going back there?

I really tried.

I don’t know what else I can do.

I looked and I looked but

There is nothing there left of you.



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