Poor Pigeon

How can you walk around like you’re just like all of the other pigeons when clearly you aren’t?

Your giant deformity bobs up and down when you move, isn’t that uncomfortable?

Doesn’t it get in the way of eating and flying? How do you see clearly?

Do the other birds judge you?

I want to scoop you up and take care of you.

I want to love you because I am afraid that no one else loves you.

I want to be there for you because I think you understand me.

My deformity isn’t visible like your’s but I think we share a similar pain.


2 thoughts on “Poor Pigeon

  1. You’re too good, S!
    Do you think the pigeon would like you pitying it though? Maybe the pitying from humans is just as bad as the judging from the other pigeons? I dunno ..

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