Open The Door!

She let them in. It wasn’t because she fully trusted them like all of the others but because she had no reason to doubt them. They were representatives of something greater. They wore suits and acted professionally. Maybe she was particularly bored that day or maybe she was looking for something to distract herself from the emptiness inside.

They got out. There was no way they could have left without her noticing but they were gone. She didn’t care so much that they left but it bothered her that she didn’t know how they got out. She didn’t have time to investigate. In their absence came the evil souls who took great delight in torturing her.

She ran out into the hallway and knocked on every door until someone answered. No one seemed to understand her urgency. She screamed for help and told her neighbour to call the police but he just calmly ushered her into his living room and stared at her like she was mad. She was mad. That didn’t help. Who would believe a mad woman? She could hear the evil souls getting closer so she popped the screen off a window and jumped out.

She ran to another building hoping to find help but no one would let her inside and the evil souls knew exactly where she was. In her mind she could see her mother talking to police and telling them that was too tired to investigate her daughter’s whereabouts. She screamed out to her mother, “Please Mum, help me! Don’t give up on me!”

She ran out onto the street and approached a group of young people. They knew exactly who she was because they were evil souls too. They grabbed onto her and took her to a dark part of the world. She escaped because even evil souls need sleep. She stopped the first car she saw and told the strong men to take her to the police or to a hospital and not to leave her side until she was safe. They didn’t need to say anything. They were evil souls too. She was never getting away.


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