Hug A Chubby Penguin

What I cannot feel in my waking life, I feel in my dreams.

Love, happiness, excitement, joy and even the purest fear and anger show up when I am asleep.

Usually I am swamped down with negative feelings and experiences playing over and over.

Last night I hugged a chubby penguin. I don’t really know what lead up to me hugging a penguin. Dreams are like that,

they constantly switch. Hugging that penguin was the happiest I have felt in such a long time.

I wish I could carry emotions from my dreams into real life.

I wish I could pick and choose.

I wish…

I wish I could just feel things properly.


5 thoughts on “Hug A Chubby Penguin

  1. I’m feeling that way, too – particularly anhedonic – unable to feel pleasure or happiness. It will pass, I trust. Wish I had a chubby penguin to cuddle! Even in my dreams. I mean, this morning I dreamt about the Amish. *sigh* A chubby penguin would’ve been far more interesting and uplifting!

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