I’ve Done It Again

Ugh, what did I take? I remember planning to take my morning medication but I also remember spending a second looking at my evening medication so which one did I take? Did I take anything? The glass in my dish drainer is wet, I took something. What did I take?

I know. I have a medication organiser but it’s still full of the meds I was on before I went to hospital. My current meds are sitting in their packets on my kitchen bench.

I can’t trust myself to take what I need at the right time. I am terrible at keeping track of everything.

I think I will just take my morning medication (again?) and act like none of this happened…


9 thoughts on “I’ve Done It Again

  1. Meds fix only the symptoms my friend… If you can find the root cause for your suffering then those pills will expire in their containers and you will he healed.. What is the root cause?

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