Professional Space

I like my new psychiatrist but I don’t love him. I loved my old psychiatrist but I hate her. He is kind, smart, funny at times and seems to understand a lot about me. She was basically a relative. She was my friend. She was a pathetic psychiatrist but I don’t think I was seeing […]

The Bond Of Siblings

Sunny day. Park bench. Lemonade and Coffee. Siblings. Stories. Laughter. Truth. “Imagine if we’d combined our forces when we were younger!” “These stories aren’t for anyone else, especially not Mum.” “Definitely not Mum!” So much laughter. We were silly kids. So much bonding, even the perfect child was not so perfect. Great stories. Remarkable tales. […]

I Tried

I went to your house but it was gone. They sold it as soon as you were in the ground and someone decided to tear it down but nothing has been built yet, it’s just a dirt mound.   I tried but the dreams continue. Night after night I am there and something is missing. […]

Little Horror Movies Of Life

When my mind isn’t constantly trying to reassure myself that I am okay (“You’re okay. I’m okay. You will be okay. Everything is okay. Everything will be okay. Everything will be okay until you get home. If anything bad is going to happen, it will happen when you’re safe and at home again.”, it turns […]