Sad Face

When I was in year seven, my nasty “friends” came up with a special code so they could writes notes which I wouldn’t understand. Essentially they hated me but instead of actually saying that to my face, they did what they could to make me feel like shit. I’ve mentioned before that I was terrified of being seen as someone without friends so until I was able to find another group, I was stuck with those bitches.

One day one of my friends in year eight ran up to me with a piece of paper. She told me she’d found it in a classroom and recognised the names. She didn’t realise the reason for it’s development, she thought it belonged to me. When I looked at it, I saw that the symbol for me was a sad face.

I suppose you could say those girls were good at recognising my unhappiness. Aside from what was going on with them, I was generally an unhappy person. I think there is more to that little sad face though. I think they chose it to symbolise how they felt about me being around. They weren’t happy to see me, they wanted me gone. Sad face. I did end up getting away from them and their stupid code eventually.


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