Suspended Reality Suspended

As much as I would love to keep living in my own little bubble, the government needs me to prove that I am still mental. I got a letter saying I have to go to an appointment next week, forget the fact that I am totally shit scared about that. I put the letter and forms aside and today I realised I need a doctor to fill out one of the forms. Shit.

I haven’t got an appointment with my new psychiatrist. I am not going back to my old psychiatrist although she doesn’t know that yet. I rang up my GP and managed to get an appointment with him. There goes my plan of chilling out and tending to my farm on my ipad.

I can’t deal with stuff like this but I have to. If I don’t get the forms filled out right, my disability pension might get cancelled. Then I wont be able to afford to live, let alone see psychiatrists and get medication.

*Pop* There goes my lovely bubble.



4 thoughts on “Suspended Reality Suspended

      • They won’t give me anything at all, because although I’m unable to work my husband earns over that magic, princely sum of $40k which “obviously” means we don’t need any financial aid (my arse)

        keep plugging away. Who knows, this time you might win the Centrelink Lottery and get a really helpful person who can jump through a few hoops for you. XXX

  1. I wish you the best. You can do this. I know it sucks and it’s a pain in the ass to have to get all this information together for them. I’m on disability, too. I used those attorney’s you see on tv for disability. They don’t charge a dime, if they don’t get you disability, and if they do, they don’t take much. It’s well worth it. They do all the work for you. You might just check into it. I know you already have disability, but they can help with this too. Good luck and hang in there.

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