Home Again

I got discharged from hospital today. I was pretty numb for most of the day, I felt fine about what I was doing but I wasn’t particularly nervous or excited. When I had to say goodbye to my hospital friends I started crying. I made one really good friend and we will stay in touch but it was hard to leave her.

When I went to my parents’ place, I called out my cat’s name and she started meowing really loudly until she found me. She was so happy to see me, which made me happy too. Now I am at my own place and feeling pretty numb again. I have lots of bags to unpack but I just can’t be bothered right now. Everything looks different but the same. In some ways it feels like the last month or so never happened.

I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. No more squeaky plastic mattress. No more nurses shining a light into my eyes. I can smoke whenever I want. I can go outside anytime I want. I can charge my phone, ipad etc by myself. I can use scissors! I don’t have to line up for medication. I can shave my legs!


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