Bye bye creepy guy

Creepy guy got out of here before me, that’s not fair. I wonder who will go into his room next. 

I’m supposed to be in group right now but I can’t be bothered. I’m not feeling well. I’ve only attended about half of the compulsory groups even though they threaten to kick out people who don’t do the proper therapy program. I’m leaving tomorrow so there’s nothing they can do. I think it’s pretty amazing that I’ve been to groups at all without some benzo assistance.

Last night I got into trouble for sneaking one of the hospital cats into my room. I think it gave some of the nurses a bit of a laugh because they were still talking about it this morning. My reasoning for taking the cat into my room was, “She wanted to come in!”

I will be leaving hospital not much better than when I came in. The big difference is that I got off the benzos. I don’t  know how long that will last though. My mum tried to guilt me into handing over any benzos I have hidden in my house (how did she know?) but I haven’t agreed to anything yet. 

My first few days at home will be tough so be prepared for some bizarre blogging!

xoxo s.s


3 thoughts on “Bye bye creepy guy

    • The thing is though I am so scared that I will need them and won’t have them. It might be a good test for me to keep them but most likely my mum will march me down to the chemist to get them destroyed.

      • Yay Mom.

        I know the temptation will be strong and most would give in, then all this would be for naught, so you need to be strong, very strong, one more time and tell Mom to do it.

        Then one day at a time and see how things go.

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