There’s a mix of registered nurses and enrolled nurses here. The main difference is that only the registered nurses can dish out meds. 

I wandered up to the nurses station to get my tiny little Seroquel dose and the E.N said, “Oh they’re busy, you’ll have to come back.”

I got so pissed off but I didn’t say anything. One nurse was talking to a patient, that’s fine. Some of them were further in the office just talking. Well, I guess that could have been important. The other nurse was watching the bloody patient television! 

Yep, really busy. Ugh.


10 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Oh and another thing I love is when you ask for a PRN medication and they can’t give it to you because all the little boxes on your medication chart are full, and it takes them almost 18 hours to get your doctor on the phone! 🙂 Happy days.

  2. Grrr I hate that. I work in healthcare and it boils my blood to see healthcare professionals ignoring patients. I know people need time to socialize and be friendly with their colleagues, but the workplace is not the proper time for that, especially when there are patients waiting for their medications. :S Such crap.

    • We wait so long for our meds here, it’s so crap. Last night I waited about 35 minutes all prepared to stop one antidepressant and start a new one but when the nurse was reading my chart, she was like, oh the new med hasn’t been ordered. I cried. I was so nervous about it all and now I have to go through it all again today and tonight.

      • Aww crap. Disorganization in health care is ridiculous. I know the nurses are overworked (I work in a hospital) but there is no excuse with not keeping up with a patient’s medication needs. I do hope you’re not stuck there long. xx

  3. Blah! Most of them are so nice, but then there are those few who you just wanna introduce to your foot (wow, that was mean! sorry!). Real busy, my ass.
    Stay awesome!

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