A Letter I Wrote (And Never Sent) To My (Now) Ex-Psychiatrist In Hospital

27.02.14 Dear Doc X, Have you ever had Gastroenteritis, the flu and a panic attack at the same time? That’s what benzo withdrawals feel like. Apparently coming off benzos is worse than coming off Heroin. Do you ever get PMS and cry over the smallest things? Add that in as well. Patients in here have […]

A Friendship Ghost

I once had a friend who would buy me lots of presents. That wasn’t why I was friends with her. The presents made me uncomfortable and I found myself hiding them to save having to explain where I got them from. We met in a psych hospital. One morning in group, I had a panic […]

Bone-Chilling Depression

My most familiar depression is happening outside of hospital. It waited a couple of days for me to get used to being home before it gradually seeped back into my life. It’s a cold depression. It feels like being lost outside on a winter’s night. It’s aimless and lonely but I know it so well. […]

Bye bye creepy guy

Creepy guy got out of here before me, that’s not fair. I wonder who will go into his room next.  I’m supposed to be in group right now but I can’t be bothered. I’m not feeling well. I’ve only attended about half of the compulsory groups even though they threaten to kick out people who […]