Bye For Now (But only for now!)

I’m going into hospital today. Let’s pretend I am not completely freaking out about that!

I’m not sure how often I will be able to access the internet and I might not have time to blog or read blogs.

I’ll try to check in here when I can but if I don’t read or comment on your blogs, I am sorry.

Thank you everyone for all of your support, I really, really appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

I will be back! Hopefully I’ll be a better version of myself!

Lots of love and hugs to everyone.

S&S xoxo


15 thoughts on “Bye For Now (But only for now!)

  1. I get sad when I read this because I can see how hard you struggle – I hope you’re feeling much better soon. We are here when you get back. Take a paper and a pen with you, so you can write about ideas and things to your blog.

  2. You deserve every single ounce of support you can garner for yourself. What you are doing takes so much courage. You are brave, and I’m proud of you sweetie. We’ll be here waiting for you.


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