There’s nothing like that first cigarette of the day

Until you realise that your stupid, tired and stressed out self doesn’t know how to function properly and you end up holding that cigarette a bit too close to your hair.

That smell, ugh! I didn’t even notice what had happened until I went to put my cigarette out in the ashtray and it had more than a few strands of hair stuck to it. Cue total “I’m on fire!” panic. Luckily it wasn’t that bad and it’s not noticeable (to me at least).

Not the best start to the day!



32 thoughts on “There’s nothing like that first cigarette of the day

  1. I’m so sorry but I almost laughed, because ypu write so funny. ( I wouldn’t laugh if you got hurt) .- but it is a brilliant descriptioon pof a bad start of the day.

      • Yep really. And yes, it smelt awful. We would hold a chunk of hair and hold a lit match or cigarette to the ends. They sort of fizzled out, thank God. I have no evidence that it actually worked…..

      • Haha, it was either the best or worst thing to do to your hair but we all do things like that when we’re younger. I used to cut my own hair, like literally hack at it. It was all sorts of lengths but it is so thick that they just blended into each other. When I finally went to a hairdresser, I lied and said I let my friend cut my hair! 🙂

      • I think there was a thought that the “fire” cauterized the ends. The hair went sort of frizzy and broke off – and that was the split end gone LOL.

        LOL – I think we all have those types of “friends” – they can save us a lot of embarrassment.

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