Why I Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass About Valentine’s Day

  1. I’m usually single on this day and I don’t care. I’ve either broken up with people just before to avoid the whole V-Day hype or I choose sucky relationships which don’t last long.
  2. If I am dating someone, I don’t want to expect romance on a particular day. I want it given to me at surprise moments like when I am about to flee the country or when I am too engrossed in cleaning to notice anything else.
  3. Anyone can buy flowers, catch a train around all day looking romantic or looking loved.
  4. Valentine’s Day isn’t really a huge deal in my country but like Halloween, it’s sort of becoming more popular.
  5. I met one of the biggest assholes I have ever dated around this time of year so it doesn’t hold the best memories.
  6. Roses are cheaper every other day of the year.
  7. Roses die anyway.
  8. Receiving chocolate makes me feel awkward.
  9. Nobody loves me in that way (oh boo hoo!)
  10. I’d rather go out on a nice date at a time where all of the good restaurants aren’t full of lovey lovebirds!




13 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass About Valentine’s Day

  1. Ahaha, on most of those points we are agreed.
    Living plants preferred over bouquets, and everything gets super expensive yet people indulge anyways. Capitalism sucks.

    I have to admit though, that I like the *idea* of having a day for close relationships, maybe a day to celebrate friendships & love (so platonic and romantic love). That way single people aren’t left out and neither are asexuals.
    Most of the holidays are about ‘family’ (usually close biological family) so I think it’s good to have a holiday about the people you choose in your life.
    The valentines we know is not that day, sadly.
    It’s a sham, and the way it’s set up could easily be changed too. Half of it is based on bloody marketing. — And that’s kind of how little kids celebrate it already, giving valentines to all the people they get along with in class. Why not after all?

    Maybe I’ll start celebrating it that way. XD

    • I like your idea about a day to celebrate the love around us, rather than romance.
      Kids over here don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We never made Valentine’s cards in school or anything like that.
      In high school some girls would walk around with roses if they had a boyfriend and had managed to see him at some stage of the day.
      I saw so many guys rushing to the supermarket yesterday to pick up some Valentine’s roses wrapped up in paper with hearts on it. I also saw one man with a different bunch, a regular bunch of flowers in regular paper. I know which one I would prefer.

      • Hmm, maybe I should try to spread that idea around to other people? I think I will.
        Perhaps it could turn into a kind of valentines day revolution. ;D

        Man, that’s so weird to me!
        I loved valentines day as a kid, it was probably my second favourite holiday (after halloween).
        Probably because it was a great time to share puns and memes. XD
        Maybe as it gets more popular over there kids will start giving valentines. 🙂

        Of course, it got much less fun as I got older, because it became more about dating and less about just sharing valentines with your friends.
        On top of cards, my high school did “rosagrams” where you could send a rose to someone anonymously or attach a message, and someone would come around on valentines day and deliver the person a rose.
        They only had red roses at first, but they added yellow friendship roses when the red ones had been a success.

        Yeah, it’s a lot like the now “tradition” (also born out of marketing) of giving/getting a diamond ring for engagement. I never understood that. Why not go with something unique?
        Definitely agree, would rather have the sort which buck the mold. 😀

      • Whaaa? Really, no hugs? Thats…. Going against the science, on an issue that can actually impact health and well being for those kids. 😦

        I know they did studies on babies who were never touched, and also studies on the mental health of children who are never hugged by their parents… but I think that not being able to be hugged by your friends is probably equally sad, and possibly damaging.

        We also know that on top of this touch, even from a professional masseur can have positive mental health, AND physical health benefits (There’s another study that came out last year on that) but according to the research it may not have been specifically the massage, but possibly just the touch in general is actually responsible, in a positive way, for that…

        I think the combination of those studies findings at least strongly correlates touch as positive for most people and suggests that it generally contributes to well being… Those poor kids. >_<

      • Ahh, well maybe I’m over reacting… Policies like that always have this sense of cutting individuals off from each other, maybe that’s why I feel like I must rail against them?
        Sorry, don’t mean to be all “Rawr!” it’s a kneejerk reaction.

  2. The best relationship you can have is with your inner self.. Like yourself and love yourself… You are a good person worthy of likes and loves.. Peace.

  3. It makes me laugh at how “big” it is here. With all the winter storms around the TV reporters were talking about people not being able to get home for V-day as if it was a major holiday! It does make me smile though when I see earnest young men on the metro carrying flowers.

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