The Kitchen Floor Didn’t Work

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

You’ll have to try again. Maybe lying on my kitchen floor and begging between sobs for you to visit me in my dreams wasn’t the best way to try to communicate with you. I probably should visit your graves and talk to you there but I am so tired, I don’t think I would survive the drive. Maybe if I send this out into the internet, it will pass by you and you can read it.

I need your help Grandma and Grandpa. I need you to protect me and to tell me what I should do. Are you around me? Can you see the mess that I am in? Grandma, I know you would have the right words to say even if you couldn’t understand my situation. Grandpa, I know you would do anything to make sure I am okay. You always looked after us.

No one here has answers for me. I miss you both so much.

Love from your granddaughter xoxo


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