“Dont warry i am not flarting you”

Yep, someone searched for that and it brought them to my blog. I found it hilarious. How does one flart? I can understand how it led to my blog because I wrote a post a while ago where I said something like, “Don’t worry, I’m not flirting with you guys.”

Here’s a search term I don’t understand though: “did andy kuafman,s fellow actors from taxi really hate him”

Who is Andy Kuafman (Kaufman, I presume)?

What is Taxi? A show, a movie?

Why would his fellow actors hate whoever he is?

Most importantly, how did that search term lead to my blog?


10 thoughts on ““Dont warry i am not flarting you”

  1. Lol – flarting – it’s like farting but for delicate ladies maybe. Taxi was a tv show around bloody years ago – late 70’s maybe. I wouldn’t have watched it because we weren’t allowed to watch American tv. I try not to look at those search term stats because most of the time it scares me to think of the people I’m leading to myself.

    • Thanks for clearing that up. Hahah, maybe flarting is also farting while trying to flirt?
      I get some very odd search terms which lead to my blog so I can understand why you try not to look at that!

  2. Taxi was an old sitcom in the U.S. – very funny and popular in its day (when I was young! 😉 ) Andy Kaufman was a very gifted but troubled actor who died young. He played a terrific character on the show. There were rumors about how co-workers felt about him, I guess. In retrospect, I think he dealt with some mental health issues and people likely didn’t really know how to take him in general. I’m not sure he knew how to take himself.

    Now as far as how that led someone to your blog … I have no idea! And ‘flarting’? Ha! That’s truly giggle-worthy!


    • Thanks for the information about Andy Kaufman and his show. It was interesting to read but I still wonder how he led to my blog! Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about anyone flarting, hahah!

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