This is Why We’re Friends

My best friend lives in a uhm, different part of town. She doesn’t really like living there and I can understand why. Some of the “colourful characters” can be a bit scary and intimidating so if I visit her, we usually stay on the better side of the suburb. Today she needed to get some groceries so we crossed over and headed towards the supermarket.

We chatted as we walked and we both noticed an elderly lady wearing the shortest shorts you could imagine and hey, good on her, I guess. She didn’t really look that out of place, considering where we were but it’s not often you see an elderly lady dressed like a teenager (and a skanky one at that!). My friend whispered to me, “That’s you when you’re older!” and we both started laughing so much. I had forgotten about that little game. We used to do that sort of thing all of the time. We’d even point out each others’ future husbands (generally the most unattractive men we could spot) and it was very immature but really funny to us.

I told her to watch out because I was on the lookout for her future self, unfortunately I never found someone trashy or strange enough.

In those moments where we laugh it doesn’t matter that I am a complete stuff up or that as much as she tries to, my best friend can’t understand my mental afflictions. We’re weird. We’re immature. We laugh at stupid stuff and this is why we’re friends!

PS- I know this sounds like a really judgmental thing to do but I promise we never ever say anything loud enough for people to hear. Sometimes we don’t even need to say anything at all, we just look at each other and know. It’s not meant to be mean. I promise we’re not mean people!

Edit: Wow, my 200th post!


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