I was invited to an Australia Day BBQ today so I started getting ready. I took my medication and then had a shower. In the shower, I noticed a familiar strange taste in my mouth. The taste I get from one of my evening pills. Shit. I ran out to check my pill organiser. I hadn’t filled it up in days but I knew that yesterday I chopped one of my morning pills in half and left it in the pill cutter and last night I put my sleepers into the organiser. I knew that if the chopped pill was gone, I had taken the right medication (or at least part of it, I take two others with it). I also knew that if the only pills in the pill organiser were gone, I had taken my night pills. Guess which outcome I had.

I panicked and ran down to the pharmacy. I struggled to explain all of my medications and wished the weekly pharmacist who knows me was there. The pharmacist said I should take two of my morning meds now and then later, take swap my seroquel doses, take one of my other pills and try to see if I don’t need the sleeping pill.

He said I will be drowsy today and that I shouldn’t operate heavy machinery so I guess I can’t go forklift driving. Basically I can lie on the couch or go back to bed. (Accidentally typed “go back to med” and spent too long laughing at that!)

Sorry if this is poorly worded. My brain is struggling to think through the meds. Oh and I am not going to the BBQ.


14 thoughts on “Idiot

  1. Ahhck!
    I’m sorry you missed your BBQ that’s unfortunate.

    Pill screw-ups are always irritating to sort out, even when you haven’t got many medications. I have an odd dose of thyroid medication, and I kick myself every time I take a full one of the type I cut in half and half the one I’m supposed to swallow whole. XP
    It’s not supposed to have any real difference, since it absorbs ‘as needed’ from my fats muscles and all that, but I notice I get sooo lagged and tired if don’t take it at the right time (or miss it entirely), or the exceptionally rare instance that I take the wrong dose.
    It doesn’t happen often, but when it does… Zonk. Whole day long zonk.

    • I didn’t sleep too well because I was really cold last night. I don’t know if it actually was that cold but I was too drowsy to get a jumper or another blanket. Today I feel okay but very tired! Back to usual meds today, I made sure to fill up my med organiser yesterday!

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