My Vision Board Needs Glasses

They made me make a vision board for 2013. I stuck all sorts of happy crap all over it because that’s what they wanted. I cut inspirational quotes out of magazines and made everything look neat and perfect. It was actually pretty fun. I stuck it on my wall so that I could admire my handiwork and be reminded of some of the positive things in life.

It’s 2014.

My visions didn’t come to fruition. I didn’t spend the year sipping fancy drinks with friends while maintaining a routine and finding peace and purpose in life. That’s not that shocking but it is a bit depressing.

More depressing is that it’s almost February and my vision board from last year is still up on my wall because I am too lazy to take it down. I’d rather stare at my crappy, unfulfilled ambitions than at an empty space on the wall.


8 thoughts on “My Vision Board Needs Glasses

  1. What if I told you are perfect but you don’t see it in yourself. It might sound weird but you are completely perfect… It’s all relative…

  2. Right, right, rather see that vision board than an empty space on the wall! You can change some of those that no longer interest you, though. Just keep what you really desire deep within you. “Finding peace and purpose in life”—to even think that you want this is promising enough, S&S. Please do not give up. If I were a genie I’d grant you 3 wishes: (1) FIND, be able to find whatever you’re seeking, (2) PEACE, inner strength, and (3) PURPOSE, a look at your hidden talents, one is even manifested without you realizing it perhaps, and sharing them because only you can do them. And then of course, if you’re seeking some great fortune and then won the lottery, I would ask that you share a part of it with me. 🙂

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