No Sale!

I had some time to kill before a train so I wandered into a weird little clothing store. The store owner said something as I walked in but I didn’t catch it and figured she was talking about the sale advertised in the window. I was drawn to a patterned summer dress. It looked really cool and comfortable. I checked the label and saw that it was around $70, a bit out of my price-range for something I would most likely buy on whim and then never wear again. It was pretty garish.

I approached the store owner, smiled and said, “Does the store sale reduce the price on this?”

“No!” She told me rudely. “It’s already reduced! $70 reduced from $100 is a great deal! You wont get a better price than that!”

“Oh really…” I replied. I know that’s nonsense. There are much cheaper ugly patterned dresses all over.

“It’s designer, you know!” She yelled at me like I was a moron.

Even I know that’s a stretch. It’s certainly not a design that I’ve heard of. Pretty much all clothes are designer in that someone designs them. Someone chose that ugly pattern!

“Oh, designer.” I said calmly. “Well that’s a shame because I was really just looking for something crappy and cheap.”

I smiled and walked out while she stared at me like I was committing murder against her precious “designer” store by not purchasing from it. It was pretty much the opposite of that famous Pretty Woman scene.

Big mistake. Big. Huge.


12 thoughts on “No Sale!

    • Perhaps, I sort of doubt it though. It seemed more like one of those shops which charges whatever it likes because it’s in a small shopping area. If it was her design, she should have tried to sell it nicely.

  1. Right, probably made in a sweat shop!

    When I feel like the “sale” is still actually overpriced, I sometimes ask the salesperson how long they’re going to run the “sale.” This I do only when I’ve spent much time looking through the clothes and stuff (while the sales staff tried to help me look for what I might like) so they won’t feel too disappointed when I leave without purchasing anything. 🙂

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