You Don’t Go To Disneyland Just To Check Out The Gift Shop

You don’t go to a concert just to buy the band’s latest album.

You don’t buy things at a grocery store just so you can get another receipt to stuff into your wallet.

You don’t visit a prostitute just to hold hands.

You don’t go on a fancy European holiday just to sit in a hotel room.

You don’t fork out money just to skip most of what it is you’re paying for.

I do though.

I have a psychiatrist.

I try to get the most out of our sessions but in reality, I am paying over $200 for less than an hour to chat and get prescriptions. I could get the same prescriptions from my GP for a fraction of the cost. I am paying for Disneyland and I am getting a gift shop. It’s not just my psychiatrist. Many of the psychiatrists I have seen are less concerned about therapy and more about medication. Maybe I am expecting too much out of psychiatry.

I choose to pay for these sessions. I choose to see my psychiatrist. I choose to close my eyes as I walk around Disneyland. I choose the gift shop and the expensive prescription pad because they’re familiar and because I don’t want to go on any of the rides alone.


19 thoughts on “You Don’t Go To Disneyland Just To Check Out The Gift Shop

  1. You are… a great writer. Have you thought about looking into seeing a psychologist or a therapist? Would you be comfortable asking your psychiatrist for more talk? Just suggestions!

  2. I know what you mean. I keep telling my daughter she should see a therapist of some sort as it annoys me how the GP keeps on handing out the pills without suggesting any coping mechanisms or therapy but then I wonder if it’s even worth it. Years ago she saw a few and none of them were helpful at all and it was all just a big waste of money.

  3. At the risk of stepping on toes… so I will tread carefully from afar. Your psychiatrist should be able to provide you with therapy. If all they are going to do is provide you with meds, your gp can do this at no cost to you, well a lower cost, but you said that. I am not sure what is covered for you care wise. Every country seems different in what is covered and who can do what. Often a psychologist can dispense meds through a gp, or in some places without. If all she, your psychiatrist is doing is dispensing, with no changes, then just renewing your scripts is all that is needed, tis not worthy of a two hundred dollar visit. Perhaps telling her this could work, in a nice way of course. Perhaps then she would strive to do more for you.

    Perhaps she doesn’t know you would like more from her.

    • Maybe all of the psychiatrists here are crappy. I’ve never met one who was really into therapy. They talk and I suppose talking is a form of therapy but it doesn’t help much if all they do is listen and make a few comments. I know they have a different role to psychologists but that doesn’t mean they should be paid to essentially be a pill dispenser. I am going to talk to my psychiatrist about this today (I’ll try to be nice, no promises!). I’ve tried before and I remember her saying she did psychotherapy at her other practice. I’m going to ask why she doesn’t do that where I see her. Apart from pills I have to see her at least every three weeks if I want to attend any outpatient groups. The hospital kind of keeps you tethered in that way. I need to calm down a bit before my appointment because otherwise I’ll just yell at her!

      • do some breathing, maybe some mindfulness exercises… no throwing things in her office. It is not fair that you have to pay every three weeks just to access groups. I am getting riled. be nice though. nice always works better but vocalizing too is great, otherwise many do not know you are not happy with how things are going.

      • I am currently about $100 and something, I can’t remember out of pocket so I have to see her more and more to reach the threshold quickly so I can get more money back from medicare. I think then I will be about $40 out of pocket. I’m not good at maths so those figures may be a bit off! I only get that extra bit of leeway because I am on disability, otherwise for all of they year I would be at least $100 out of pocket every time.
        I wont throw anything in her office but I might give her a good scowl!

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