I’m Still In The Gift Shop

I went to my psychiatrist fully prepared to demand more out of our sessions. It didn’t really work out. She did pretty much run on time though, which was AMAZING! She is never on time. I couldn’t scowl at her as I had prepared to!

Me: Remember that letter from the other psychiatrist who evaluated me last year? Has enough time passed for me to actually read it?

Her: No. It’s still confidential.

Me: That’s such bullshit! (Don’t get sidetracked S&S)

Me: So do you do psychoanalysis?

Her: No, I don’t. I do psychotherapy at my other practice though. (I don’t care about her other practice!)

Me: Why don’t you do that here?

Her: My other practice is a nicer environment.

Me: This environment is fine. Do you have one of those couches people lie on or something?

Her: No. It’s just nicer. There are less people in the waiting room. You only really see the person ahead of you and the person after you. I usually run on time. (Stop gloating, doc!)

Me: I don’t even wait in the waiting room here!

Her: My patients usually come once or twice a week.

Me: They must all be rich!

Her: They hit the medicare threshold pretty quickly, usually by February. (I call bullshit on this)

Me: But I am on disability so I hit it faster and get more back but it takes months and months for me to hit it.

Her: That’s because you come here less frequently.

Me: So how much do they pay at your other practice?

Her: The same as here.

Me: Well that’s unfair if they get more out of their sessions!

Me: So can we try it here?

Her: (She’s reluctant, I can tell) You can see me at my other practice.

Me: I don’t want to go to your other practice!

-We move on-

Me: What’s your plan for me?

Her: I really want you to do one of the support groups (for a group I’ve recently finished)

Me: No way, I am not going to that. That group was shit! The support group is an evening group too, how is that going to work with all of my medication? I wont be able to drive and I am not catching the train at night!

-She starts rushing me-

Her: Your appointment was only booked for 30 minutes this time so we have to finish up. (I never book 30 minute appointments!)

Me: Oh, but I need all of these prescriptions  (I remembered to write them down this time!)

-She writes the prescriptions and I look at the clock. I’ve been there for almost an hour. I’ve stuffed things up for her, she’s no longer running on time and I feel pretty proud of that  although guilty because other people have to wait.-



2 thoughts on “I’m Still In The Gift Shop

    • On the plus side I went to group today. There were only three of us and the psychologist. I felt so sick in the morning but I am glad I went because I bumped into a girl I did a group with years ago and it was really nice to see her. Then I visited my hospital friend and she made me a pretty bracelet. Luckily I had thought ahead and had all sort of presents for her too.

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