My Mother’s Pride

Often when I step out of my ordinary life in a positive way, I think that my mother would be proud of me. I don’t want to admit that I am proud of myself, especially if what I have done is trivial but it makes me a little bit happy to think that my mother would be proud. I’ve definitely brought plenty of shame, shock, disappointment and anger into my family so it’s nice that every now and then I can bring something positive.

I brag about it too. I casually tell my mother what I have done, as if it’s no big deal and I hear some excitement and happiness in her voice. It’s just pretty sad that what I brag about isn’t anything like, “I’m going back to university” or “I’ve got a job”, it’s more like, “I drove to a completely different shopping area today, just to get out of the house.”

Some idiot almost drove into me on my way home. I probably wont tell my mother about that!



19 thoughts on “My Mother’s Pride

  1. As long as we continue to look as it is only when we are “growing,” or “bettering,”our lives that we are doing something “positive,” “good,” or “worthwhile,” we are never going to be satisfied with how life IS! I think driving to a new place means having a different experience. Looking at the world in a little different way is helpful many times. It is the subtle, nuanced “changes, that allow me to see life differently. Those are the things that make life fresh again, not trudgery or boredom. Seeing new places and faces is refreshing. I think you are lucky! Made me smile!! 🙂

  2. Your mom knows the challenges involved, she understands. So she knows what some tasks involve for you. So she is proud when you overcome them. it is great that she knows this Double S.

    wait someone almost drove into you? oh oh. that can ruin your day.

  3. I definitely agree with Amber.

    Awww such a lovely mom, very understanding and tender, and cares a lot about what you share with her. I feel happy whenever I can imagine lovely scenes like this one. 🙂

  4. That’s what a mother should do! Make you feel proud of your achievements and support your choices…very cool to know you have that in your life. Heaven knows it’s hard to see our own successes but when they can be reflected back by someone who loves us? Magic. 😀

  5. You know what, living a life with integrity doesn’t have to be full of GRAND achievements. The total sum of the little things that we do every single day – working towards being a better person, – including making mistakes (and sometimes lots of them) is astonishing when we sit down and we make a list of how we impact the world.

    When considering your failures, think about the experience you gained from those. Think about how one day (if it is not already) sharing your personal story is going to help someone make the right choices.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself – You need to feel great to make positive progress.

    Accept the things that have been tough – acknowledge the learning you have done as a result and move on.

    Love this post and appreciate you sharing with us!

    Miss Lou

      • RIGHT! I had a very difficult childhood and suffered a fair bit. My mother passed away when I was 16 due to a combination of Alcoholism and Prescription Medication addiction.

        I tried to read as many self development self esteem building books as I could, and somewhere in those and my natural ability to find the good in bad I managed to pull out of that some very valid positives.

        All of us is different, but we can train our brains to think positively if we work hard enough 🙂

        Thanks to the lessons my mother had herself, I did not have to suffer the same experiences (or suffer them as many times)as she did in my adult life and for that I will forever be grateful. – This is also falls under the Doing stupid stuff banner, which I surely have been known for too 🙂


      • I’m so sorry to read about your childhood and what happened to your mother. I am glad you were able to pull yourself out of what would have been a very dark and sad place.
        Thank you for the blessings.

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