I don’t think it was meant to sound as mean as it did but I am still upset about one little comment from a family member. I’m not good at sitting still. I am not good at being around people. After viewing almost 2000 photos from my brother’s trip overseas, I was feeling a bit antsy. We couldn’t get the videos to play through the TV or the Blu-Ray and it frustrated me so I said something like, “I want to get going soon. I have stuff to do, I don’t want to be sitting around all day waiting for videos to play.”

It sounds like I was being rude but I said it in a joking way. Most of my family understood and agreed. Then came the comment from one of my less-close family members,”What are you doing with your day that’s so important that you don’t have time for videos?”


Ouch, ouch, ouch. OUCH!

I didn’t bother trying to explain myself. I turned bright red and stepped outside.


12 thoughts on “Ouch.

      • I think you did an awesome job watching 2000 pictures of a trip you didnt go on flash by. It is like they rub your nose in it… see what you missed… that comment that was made…. speaks volumes about the person that made it. Some people just blurt and hurt.

      • The photos were fine. I mean my brother had only just returned and hadn’t culled them yet. I was glad to see his photos and have the attention on him, he deserves some happiness and time to shine.
        The person who made the comment is very opinionated. I love her but I am sort of scared to even talk around her sometimes because if I use the wrong adjective or something like that, she will be like, “well no, it isn’t really_______ it’s more _______.” If that makes sense. She’s going back home soon so I have to just let that comment go. I don’t believe it was meant maliciously, like you said, some people just blurt and hurt.

  1. Aww sorry you had to experience that. People get their feelings hurt so easily sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever sat for 2000 photos of anything, ever, and I would never subject my family members to that sort of thing. It’s nice to have a look at some photos from a trip or hear stories of the beach and amazing food but to sit there and watch slide shows? Lol… I feel sorry for you having to do that period.

    Don’t feel too bad. Maybe a quick email to your offended family member will help. xx

    • The thing is, I didn’t really mind the photos. I was happy to see my brother having a good time. I just got frustrated when the videos wouldn’t work. I think the person who said the comment wasn’t trying to be mean, she just has a way of saying stuff like that but she is old so I sort of have to forgive her.

      • You’re more tolerant than I am in indulging other people. 🙂 I think you’ve got the right idea, no matter how it happened. Forgiveness will help more than anything else.

  2. I agree with all the comments. 2000 pictures of someone else having a fabulous time, celebrating how wonderful their life is, is about 1900 too many. There are so many many many jokes about people being forced to sit through other people’s slideshows that I think it’s become common knowledge that it’s a big no-no to make people watch them anymore. You were the only one being honest in that room. I’m sure just about everyone else was thinking the same thing. And it was so supportive of you and everyone else to sit through it all. Please don’t feel bad; it’s hard to say what you are honestly feeling and it takes guts.

    • Thank you. We were all joking about how many photos there were and how it was like slide nights my parents had to sit through when they were young. It was good to see all of the photos because I liked seeing my brother have a good time. It was probably even my fault that it went for so long because I told him not to worry about editing them. Even my brother found it pretty tedious and was able to make jokes about everything. I don’t feel bad about what I said, I just feel bad that the fact that I do nothing with my life or that I have nothing important to do was brought up in that comment. I shouldn’t feel guilty about how my life is but I do when people make comments like that.

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