Crappy Metaphor Time

Imagine you’re in a backyard or a park, I’m not sure why. For some reason you’re told you have to clean up and remove all of the loose leaves, maybe it’s your job or maybe the person who told you to do it is just really bossy. You don’t have a rake or any other gardening tools so you start moving leaves into a pile using your hands and your feet.

Every time you get close to clearing up all of the leaves, a gust of wind comes and blows them around again. You don’t have any plastic bags or anything to cover the leaves with so you lie down on the pile to try to flatten it. It works for a little bit but as the wind blows, tiny pieces of leaf escape from underneath you.

You still have other leaves to collect but you can’t reach them from where you are lying. You know that if you get up, the wind will sweep all of the leaves back off the pile. You realise that even if you were able to collect every leaf, you have no way of getting rid of them anyway so it’s pointless.

Is it better not to move and to keep the majority of the leaves pinned beneath you or is it better to just give up because you don’t have the right tools or resources to remove every leaf from the park (or backyard or wherever)?

Or maybe there is a better solution?


13 thoughts on “Crappy Metaphor Time

  1. Double S, everything is one step at a time, or one leaf at a time. tiny gains sometimes. You gather the ones that you can, and dismiss the ones that are out of reach, for the things you have no control over are things not to worry about.

    • One leaf at a time makes sense until you have too many leaves building up and you don’t have time to deal with them all. Or not that you don’t have time but you’re sort of stuck in the past and more leaves keep coming quicker than you can get rid of them.

      • ahhh, but that is the thing, we deal with the leaves that we can, and the ones that we can not… we don’t. Leaves will always come and go, this is one of the things we do not have control over, accepting this is one of the big steps. throw them in the air and let the wind take them.

      • When I was a kid, I loved making a big pile of leaves and then jumping in them. I still like stepping on crunchy leaves. I think I need to focus more on current “leaves” and less on past “leaves.” Thanks for your opinion. 🙂

      • metaphors can be twisted into lessons. 🙂 There is a tree full of leaves, we can not hold them all. Like other things in life, the ones we have no control over, we have to remind ourselves of that.

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