Not The Worst Session

Saw Dippy, my psychologist again today. I wasn’t much in the mood for talking. She asked how my Christmas was (after having had told her about my plans three times prior to this session) and I said, “I did what I said I was going to do.” Haha! Whether she remembered my plans or not, she said something like, “So everything went to plan then?” Hrm, well I guess it did.

Then I got onto the serious stuff. I asked how she is going to help me. She asked what I wanted out of therapy and I said specific anxiety coping methods beyond mindfulness and relaxation. She said we can work on self-talk to try to improve my negative thinking patterns. She printed off something she was going to show me but she ended up saying we’ll work on that next time.

I spent most of the rest of the session talking about how I hate NYE and how mad I am at the government. I said it’s so shit how hard it is to see a psychologist. She agreed with me and said I am lucky I am on this mental health plan because other people are only allowed ten sessions a year through medicare and still have to co-pay a lot.

She asked if I would be returning to groups this year and I said I didn’t know. At the moment, I can’t really be bothered. She encouraged me to go back to them because otherwise I might end up like a hermit (her words). I told her I’ve been a hermit and that I pretty much am a hermit still.

She didn’t piss me off too much, which is good. I only got annoyed when she asked what I have been up to and I said I spend most of my time watching old TV shows on Youtube. She then started talking about some olden days show she used to like but when she watched it again it seemed so outdated. No shit, really?!

She also annoyed me when she started talking about the last time she got her nails done. I think it started because she said I have nice nails. Every time she goes off on a tangent like that, I get angry at her words eating away at my session time.

Next session is the last of the six I get so I will have to try to reapply for more sessions through my GP. I guess that means I am still going to see ol’ Dippy!





10 thoughts on “Not The Worst Session

  1. I suggest that you tell her that you feel it’s a waste of time when she is trying to bond with you by telling private stories. I’m sure she means well and she ( like many therapists) want to break through the wall and get contact. But I think they sometimes forget, that it’s not their call in the first place. You ask for help as a client, period. And if you feel along the way to create som form of bond it’s your choice and call. This part is a tricky part for the teraphist, to understand this. I finish this comment by saying that I read ypur posts during christmas and new year and I like your smart dark kind of view on things. You are really funny and the posts are smart. Keep on writing and thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for encouraging my writing! 🙂
      I don’t really know how to tell her to keep her stories to herself without seeming rude. I think the only way I can do it is to say something like, “If I go quiet, ask me what I am thinking instead of just talking about whatever.” That might work better than what I have been doing, which is barely responding when she goes off on a tangent.

  2. I agree with panikikubik about her trying to bond with you, and doing a whopping poor job of it. It’s more than okay if you say, “Thanks for that, but really what I want from you are a listening ear and instruction in these skills: … ” It’s also okay to explain your reasoning. You have a lot of self awareness, and you can use that here. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and advice. I think you and panikikubik are right, she is trying to bond with me and she has no idea how much it annoys me. Maybe once we start whatever it is she said we’ll look at next week, I’ll feel better about telling her to shut her gob when it’s not relevant! 🙂

      • I think the idea you suggested in your response to panikikubik is a great one, to suggest she ask you what you’re thinking. (You don’t give yourself enough credit, my dear. 😉 ) Keep us posted!

  3. Sounds frustrating. My therapist doesn’t ever offer personal information to me during sessions and I’ve always appreciated that. She really makes me feel like I have her full attention and, often, she surprises me by recalling a fact we discussed years ago. Have you told your T that it’s not helpful to you when she talks about herself? That wouldn’t be easy to do, but it might make her shut it about her nails etc.

    xx Hang in there.

    • I seem to always get therapists who like to talk about themselves, I don’t know why. Maybe they don’t know how to react to some of what I say or maybe they don’t know what to say when I go quiet.
      Your therapist sounds like a keeper! 🙂

      • She is amazing. I don’t know how I got so lucky…I literally found her in the phone book! Once you find a good one you need to hang on for dear life! xx

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