Can Anyone Out-Lame Me?

Here’s how I spent the most lame New Year’s Eve I think I have ever had:

  • Lit a sparkler at about 4pm over my bathroom sink because I live dangerously.
  • Sat on my couch playing a cupcake making game on my computer.
  • Watched Friends on TV and then Dynamo. Googled how Dynamo walked down the side of a building. Felt cheated and disappointed.
  • Chewed gum and tried to blow bubbles. Peeled gum off my face.
  • Watched Two Broke Girls.
  • Heard the 9pm fireworks and decided to get to bed before things got too loud outside.
  • Read for a while.
  • Heard the 10pm fireworks. Or was it 10:30pm?
  • Went to sleep until about 11:45pm.
  • Considered turning on the TV to watch the midnight fireworks but I was too lazy. Listened to bangs and cheering from bed instead until I fell back asleep.
  • Woke at about 3am because my cat was being annoying. Fed her and went back to bed.
  • Woke at about 6am. Fell asleep again and had a dream about snakes until about 8am.

What a brilliantly boring start to 2014. At least I am not hungover…


23 thoughts on “Can Anyone Out-Lame Me?

  1. Does it seem weird that I find that all entertaining? Perhaps it’s just the way you wrote it. I spent mine with my parents, watched the 9pm fireworks on TV, then went to bed cause I had to work today.

  2. Yay sparklers, hahaha

    Well, I think we had about the same kind of new years, except I didn’t sleep. I didn’t actually do anything for new years — though I was incredibly mood swingy.
    (Ex. I didn’t get to eat before doing things and then broke down in tears when I discovered that the meat I’d intended to cook for dinner had leaked all over the fridge and I’d need to clean it — my husband made me a turkey sandwich and gave me a hug, told me not to worry about the meat for now, and this somehow made everything better and I felt wonderful for the rest of the night.)

    My highlight for new years was reading about the history of different sections of new york city, and about various comedians, then noticing it to be new years at 11:58 and getting to yell and smash a spoon against a skillet. It’s sort of lame but not reeeallly, because I actually felt really good about getting to yell and thinking nostalgically about what new years means to me.

    • Smashing a spoon against a skillet sound really fun! I should have done that… maybe I will do that tonight just for kicks.
      Your husband sounds really sweet and I’m glad you were able to enjoy the rest of the evening. Something like meat leaking all over the fridge would really upset me too.
      Happy 2014 to you!

  3. If I told you what I did, it would make you feel like Charlie Sheen. All that I will say is that I had to brush off the cobwebs before I went to bed. Happy New Year!

  4. Ha! I can beat that! I went to work on the day of NYE but was told to go home around noon, which I happily did. I got home and had a coffee with my hubs, made dinner for my son and then sat down at 7pm and fell asleep on the couch. LMAO…serious. Went to bed at 7. Party animal I am!

    lol..Happy 2014! Hoping for a great year to sweep us all away to happier places. 🙂

  5. I wish I’d had a sparkler! Went to bed at 10pm – though by then I’d seen the Sydney fireworks a few times on the telly – always makes me homesick (even with that silly eye this year!).

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