So you drugged the crap out of yourself, have a skirt.

I woke up sick this morning. Not sick like having the flu or a legitimate illness. Not sick because my cat might have licked my cutlery (she hasn’t). Not sick from food or water contamination (one of my biggest fears). It was just my regular- I’m anxious so I feel sick and feeling sick makes […]

I’m not a sweetie!

You know how some older women, perhaps an aunt, a neighbour or even a shopkeeper say “sweetie” when talking to you and it’s not really a big deal? It’s sort of nice and they are usually showing a kind side of their personality. They’re loving. They’re friendly. Imagine that word coming out of your psychologist’s […]

My Vision Board Needs Glasses

They made me make a vision board for 2013. I stuck all sorts of happy crap all over it because that’s what they wanted. I cut inspirational quotes out of magazines and made everything look neat and perfect. It was actually pretty fun. I stuck it on my wall so that I could admire my […]

I’m Still In The Gift Shop

I went to my psychiatrist fully prepared to demand more out of our sessions. It didn’t really work out. She did pretty much run on time though, which was AMAZING! She is never on time. I couldn’t scowl at her as I had prepared to! Me: Remember that letter from the other psychiatrist who evaluated […]

You Don’t Go To Disneyland Just To Check Out The Gift Shop

You don’t go to a concert just to buy the band’s latest album. You don’t buy things at a grocery store just so you can get another receipt to stuff into your wallet. You don’t visit a prostitute just to hold hands. You don’t go on a fancy European holiday just to sit in a […]