My first hangover: a NYE memory.

It’s almost the new year and I just can’t contain my excitement. (Read that sarcastically!)

I’ve never really been a fan of New Year’s Eve. What makes that one night so special? We don’t get to reset our lives when the new year rolls over. We still carry the shit from previous years with us. Resolutions seem pointless too. Why wait until the new year to give up smoking or drinking or carbohydrates? I sort of use resolutions as an excuse to put things off until the next year.

I’ve had some messy and messed up New Year’s Eves. I’ve had some incredibly sad and scary NYEs too. This year I will probably sit at home alone and watch movies. I am pretty boring.

One of my perhaps funnier New Year’s Eve stories happened when I was sixteen. My best friend at the time and I went away for a couple of weeks with our parents and we thought we were far too old to spend the evening with them and their friends. We were allowed to wander off from our spot on the grass near the beach. There were lots of games, stalls and rides set up to keep people entertained. We didn’t want to get our faces painted or sit on rides with screaming children so we sat at KFC and decided we needed to meet some guys to kiss at midnight. We went back to our parents and told them we were going to take a nice long walk on the beach to reflect on the year or some bullshit like that. It didn’t take us long to find a group of guys. They were in their 20s and had lots of alcohol with them. We sat on the beach and drank Kahlua and whatever else they had.

Midnight came and went. We knew we should have gone back to our parents but we were having fun. I kissed a twenty-one year old who seemed so mature and cool. He wasn’t. My friend kissed one of his friends. We were very drunk. My best friend and I hadn’t been drunk like that before so we weren’t very logical. We knew our parents would be worried and mad but we didn’t want them to see us like that so we stayed with the guys for another hour or so drinking instead of sobering up. We had lots of missed calls and texts but we ignored them. Eventually we decided that we should go back but our parents weren’t at the spot on the grass anymore. We knew we were in trouble. We came up with a story- something about how emotional I was and how my best friend was offering advice as we reflected on our year. This wasn’t that hard to believe, everyone knew I was in therapy. We made sure to mention that we were so caught up in our conversation that we completely lost track of time and didn’t even look at our phones. We practiced this story over and over as we stumbled back to where my friend’s family was staying. We hoped to just sneak in and go to bed but her parents were waiting up and they were very angry. The first thing they did was call my parents. The second thing they did was yell at us. We delivered our made up story as best as we could. My friends parents told us that they had contacted the police who told them, “They’re probably off drinking with boys.” Our parents had dismissed that idea and told the police that we weren’t like that. I don’t think they wanted to even consider that we might do something like that. We tried not to make eye contact or say too much. Our excuse was ridiculous and obviously unbelievable but we vowed that we would never stray from it. It was to become our new truth. My friend’s dad asked if we had been drinking and we both said, “No!” as convincingly as we could and probably far too quickly.

We went to bed and I woke up with my first hangover. I didn’t want to face my friend’s parents again so I went back to my parent’s place and got another lecture. Maybe our parents wanted to pretend that our story was real even when two drunk/hungover girls were standing in front of them. Maybe they wanted to see us as more innocent than we actually were. The final thing our parents said was that they were disappointed and that we should have called them to let them know we were okay. They didn’t try to call us out on our lies but we knew they didn’t really believe them. We didn’t get in trouble but we learnt our lesson and we behaved well for the rest of our trip. That was the last NYE we spent with our families.


7 thoughts on “My first hangover: a NYE memory.

  1. of course I never did anything like that. *nods convincingly*

    it really is just another night, a relaxing one at home watching all the pretty fireworks on tv can be fun. 😉

    The key is dont hype up the day/night in your head. it really is just one more. you can dance with kitty and post videos. I am going to watch your fireworks though, knowing you are too. for the big ones I will go woo hoo, eeps double S is shaking her fist at the tv…

    • I might go to bed early on NYE and set an alarm so I can watch the midnight fireworks on telly and shake both of my fists, hahaha! I wish my kitty would dance with me but she’s more of a sleep/eat kind of cat.I’ll try to see your fireworks too. Maybe they will show them on the news. 🙂

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