Well it’s Christmas here

I wish all of you a happy Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you the best for the new year. If Christmas is sad or scary for you or you wont be celebrating it as you would like to, I wish you strength to get through the day.

It’s not sunny here. In fact, it’s supposed to rain. I think it’s sort of raining already so it will be a grey Christmas for me. In twelve hours I will probably be home after Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner. Tomorrow I have to do Christmas lunch again with more family. I have no idea how I will get through three meals with people. I’ll be relying on medication and pretending I am super interested in the conversations going on at the other end of the table so I don’t have to talk to those around me! Whatever works, right? Tomorrow evening it will all be over. (Thank God!)

I didn’t see Santa last night but I did hear some drunk dude shouting at about 2:00am. You just never know, it could have been Santa after a few too many rums!

All the best,




8 thoughts on “Well it’s Christmas here

  1. I have an issue with Santa, though. I once hanged a sock by our bedroom window after hearing my playmates that he’d put gifts in it—though I couldn’t imagine what kind of gifts would fit in a sock—and waited for him on the 24th until I fell asleep and forgot about it. The next day Mama asked us who put it by the window. I turned red and made an excuse that I played with it and must have forgotten about it.

    Santa’s reindeers must have lost their way. 🙂

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