Group leader- *Walks into the room and looks at me shock.*

Me- (Internal dialogue: “Am I not supposed to be here? What have I done wrong?”)

Leader- *Looks at an urgent looking memo on her clipboard* “Wait, what’s your last name?”

Me- “It’s [my last name]”

Leader- “It says here that [my first name] is going to be admitted to hospital today.”

Me- *Starts to panic*

Leader- “But that must be a different [my first name].”

Me- “Oh my god, that was scary!”

Leader- “It’s okay, it was just a bit of confusion.”

I spent the next little while trying to calm myself down. I was really worried for a moment that someone had decided to admit me and I wondered who would have done that without even telling me! My psychiatrist is still away! My psychologist doesn’t give a shit. I don’t think my family would do that…

My head hurts. 😦



6 thoughts on “What!?

    • I didn’t feel like eating today and it was really hot so I have a bad headache. I took a lot of sedatives while at that group because I was really anxious, then I started seeing double. Thanks for the hugs, hugs backs!

  1. Holy crap that must have been stressful!!! Sorry you had to start your session with that…must have left you feeling confused and disconnected. Hope things are better now.

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