And… mannequins!

It doesn’t look like I will ever not be anxious. (Edit- that double negative sentence is bothering me but it is the least of my worries so it can stay!) My anxiety might lessen over time but it will probably always stalk me as it waits for another opportunity to interrupt my life. I don’t really want to accept that because I am a stubborn thing although admittedly not stubborn enough to persist through anxiety…

What I would like if I can’t be rid of this awful affliction is the ability to turn the extras in my life into mannequins whenever I want, for however long I want. I wouldn’t mind if everyone around me was a mannequin as long as I could change them back to humans individually if I wanted to. I guess this ability would sort of be like freezing time because everyone else would be still and I could carry on doing whatever I’m doing. It would also be a bit like the power of invisibility because I could walk past the mannequins undetected.

There would have to be something to stop accidents happening and to stop other people from finding out about this sort of ability. I haven’t really figured that part out and it really doesn’t matter because I am pretty sure none of my followers are genies.

I’m having a “poor me” moment. I really don’t think it is fair that I have to deal with anxiety pretty much all of the time and then something happens to darken it and make it worse. It keeps getting deeper and deeper. There really isn’t that much of me left.


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