What do you do when…?

What do you do when everything is pissing you off? I am in one of those moods and I don’t really know how to ride it out. I don’t feel like doing anything in particular because everything is annoying or too much effort. I tried talking on the phone to my mum to try to distract myself and instead I kept calling everyone “arseholes” and ended up having to fake interest in “normal” conversation so mum didn’t worry about my state of mind.

I can’t even be bothered writing anything else.



22 thoughts on “What do you do when…?

  1. Earnestly, in those situations I usually end up just kind of aimlessly watching youtube videos. Short ones, so I can’t get bored and annoyed with a speakers voice or anything, sometimes with angry pacing in between them.
    Sometimes I pick a theme so I can feel like I’m learning something at the same time. (Like “I’ll just watch a whole bunch of videos about cassowaries”)
    Usually after an hour or two of that I am sufficiently calm to focus on something else I actually like – such as reading a book or playing minecraft.

    If I am feeling determined, then I try to pick something I know I like, and try to do it stubbornly until I find myself actually being okay with it and getting into it. (Things that have a built in reward for sticking it out, like baking something, can be useful for pushing my way through because I know I get something good out of it in the end. Feeling accomplished can help push me out of the worst of the mood)

    Another option, is that I’ll just “do nothing”. I take a bath, or lay on the floor and stare into space, either trying to meditate by letting my mind wander OR thinking about something completely inconsequential like fiction.
    Or I pace round my house, or if I am feeling brave on top of angry then I walk around the block…

    Sometimes though, the only answer I have left is just to sleep. If I can’t do anything, and I can’t do nothing, then being awake clearly isn’t working for me, so the next option is to try to force myself to sleep.
    Despite being an insomniac I’ve noticed that if I’m kind that kind of mood I can usually push myself into sleeping. It’s like my brain is aching to just turn off for a while. (Sometimes I wonder if sleepiness is a large factor of those moods)
    If need be, taking a benadryl to try and accentuate this can be helpful.
    Warm milk, gravol, a warm shower, laying in the dark with my eyes closed trying my best to remember past good dreams.

    If I also can’t sleep, and can’t do anything, and I can’t do nothing, I can’t stand going anywhere (or there’s nowhere to go) — Then I would do stretches while I waited out the mood.
    Moving is one a way to get endorphins going, and exercise also tires you out, so maybe it should be higher on the list — but isn’t because I usually don’t want to when I’m feeling in a poor mood.
    There’s pretty much always SOME stretch a person can do, even if it’s only finger/toe stretches, or face stretches.
    And even if I don’t really want to, at that point there isn’t anything else I can do, so I might as well do something which is good for me.

    Soooo… That’s what I’d do. (though it’s in the order I’d honestly try it in, not the order I’d recommend it in) Hopefully there’s something on this list that you can do/can help you.
    Hope you feel better soon, and sorry you’re feeling so crappy. :\

    • Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write that reply!
      I really appreciate all of the different types of advice you shared. I read them yesterday but sorry for the late reply. I ended up just lying on the couch until it was time to take my evening medication and then I had an early night. I think my body is a bit run down at the moment, which probably contributed to my mood. Today I might try to exercise because I usually feel better after going to the gym or going for a walk.
      I might try watching youtube videos today, that’s a really great idea because it’s easy to get sucked into the world of youtube and forget what is bothering you. Thank you again!

      • Oh, no need to be sorry!
        I write replies to try and help, but I don’t expect a response, so never you worry about that. 😀

        Yeah, mood and health aren’t really a dual thing in that sense, if you’re body is feeling poorly, then you may well be feeling poorly too, so that totally make sense.
        Getting some more exercise and also some good quality sleep, definitely good ways to care for your mental health, from the outside of the body inwards. 🙂

        Haha, I love youtube.
        It can be a great tool for learning things too. I’ve been watching videos on languages, and there are a number of universities and colleges that put up lectures on youtube.

        And you are most welcome, I am glad to be of any help. 😀

  2. It’s obvious to me that you’re depressed. I know the feeling, I’ve been there. But you may feel better tomorrow. My psychologist used to tell me: ‘ Make an effort and go out for a walk.’ When it hits me now, I do just that, walk up and down my street; I see trees and birds, people walking their dogs, and even have a chat, and I return home refreshed.

  3. My sauce would be just let yourself feel that way. Don’t feel like you have to fake anything. From experience it passes, even if it takes days. Generally I tend to ride the “pissed off” wave into determination.
    Every emotion has it’s place. Use it.

    • Today the pissed off feeling has lessened and I am just feeling crappy. I think you’re right, faking emotions tends to annoy me even more. I think right now I just need to take a time out and try to relax a bit. Thank you.

  4. It’s difficult to say, specifically, but there are a lot of things you can try. If you have pent-up anger, it sometimes helps to do something physical to release some aggression. Pounding nails into wood is an example. If there is a strenuous chore around the house, you might try that. Or something as simple as punching or throwing a pillow does the trick. The key is to release energy and let it out.

    Also, it is possible that you might need to relax. If you simply ignore the rest of the world for a while and take some “me time,” that might help. Do something just for you: relaxing music, a favorite movie, a hot bath. These may relax you. I also find that meditation helps.

    One more thing you can try is to write down how you are feeling. Try to let it out in your words. After that, make a list about all the good things about you and think about how much people love you. Once you release all the negative things, the positive ones will start to come back.

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