My first hangover: a NYE memory.

It’s almost the new year and I just can’t contain my excitement. (Read that sarcastically!) I’ve never really been a fan of New Year’s Eve. What makes that one night so special? We don’t get to reset our lives when the new year rolls over. We still carry the shit from previous years with us. […]

Foul Medicine

First we were strangers. Then we were strangers who had common ties. Then you encouraged friendship. You seemed slightly more “together” than I am and maybe I scared you away by revealing my more destructive side. I could have left it at being acquaintances. You seemed to want to support me. You brought out my […]

Christmas Cooking S&S Style

Decide to make peppermint bark to give to family and friends as an added present. (And perhaps sample some yourself!) Walk down to local shops to get supplies. Get annoyed because everywhere is sold out of candy canes. How is that even possible at this time of year? Carry everything home and decide to drive […]

I Feel Ridiculous

So this just happened… Woman: What’s that on your arm? *Points at one of my more prominent scars* Me: Oh that… That happened when I was a kid. (Lie) Woman: Were you in an accident or something? Me: Uh yeah, well I was in my dad’s garage and yeah… (Lie) Woman: What happened? It must […]