Key Moments

What were the moments where you knew you that you no longer wanted to be in a relationship or friendship with someone? I can think of so many!

  • When you told one of my friends that you wanted to inject me with speed (despite knowing I was heavily medicated) because you thought it would be funny to see what happened. (An ex)
  • When I got upset in a museum because the exhibition was really triggering so I walked out and you continued to walk around by yourself. Then when you told me I need to see that sort of stuff because it represents the real world and I told you I am very aware of how fucked up the real world is. (An ex friend)
  • When I told you that the gay and lesbian mardi gras is really fun and you told me that homosexuality is unnatural and that you didn’t accept it. (An ex)
  • When we were just hanging out in a park and one of your friends came up to us and held out a condom while winking and you took it. Ew. (An ex friend)
  • When I wasn’t allowed to hug my friends or be friends with males, lesbians, or bisexual girls. (An ex)
  • When I needed support in high school and a counsellor organised a meeting so my friends would understand what I was going through and you openly admitted to not wanting to be my friend because I had issues. (An ex friend)
  • When you proudly proclaimed that you hated Jewish people and made awful jokes about them. (An ex friend)
  • When I wanted to watch the puppets in the Christmas display and you told me that it was boring and walked away. (An ex friend)
  • When I had a date coming up with you and my friends joked about how you would want to make out with me and I freaked out and realised I was more in love with the idea of having a boyfriend than actually having a boyfriend! I was pretty young. (A sort of ex)


I am sure that I have more examples but I’ll end this on a positive note. These are the moments I knew my best friend and I would be friends forever.

  • When she never forgot my birthday and always brought me something even though we were in different groups for most of high school.
  • When I got upset because everyone in my friendship group was gossiping about me so I ran to the bathrooms to cry and she ran after me and comforted me.
  • When she let me cut her hair and wax her eyebrows. Even though I botched both, she never got mad, she just laughed.
  • When she put herself in danger by standing between a violent ex and me even though he had already tripped her over.
  • When we used to have entire conversations with our eyes.
  • When she had her baby and called me straight away even though she’d had a long and hard labour because she wanted me to meet her beautiful little girl.

10 thoughts on “Key Moments

  1. I’m so glad for your sake that you’re not involved with these people that treated you so incredibly bad! You describe a really nice friend and I’m sure she feels the same for you

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